Like the English games website Kotakureported, is the publisher Electronic Arts is a multiplayer versionof the action role-playing series Dragon Age have been in the worksand also plan a continuation of the Dead Space series , but this timefrom a first person perspective. The information I get the gameswebsite from an insider. The multiplayer mode of Dragon Age is basedon the Frostbite 2 engine, which even for Battlefield 3 and Need forSpeed: The Run is used.

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Players are also able to play a dragonspitting fire and can fly through the air. Whether the mode is beingsold as a standalone title, or is only available as downloadablecontent, also did not know the insider. The multiplayer part is to bedesigned to allow users to play both in PVE and computer-controlledenemies in PvP mode against each other. The dragon-mentioned featureis probably a part of the PVP system. Also, a new offshoot of theDead Space series had some insider information.

So shall the third part is no longerset on third-person perspective, but to trust the old-person shooterperspective. There will be loud inside even a cooperative mode. Howis this supposed to be built is yet unknown. Some time ago the firstrumors came on about a third of the series is located on an iceplanet. This insider confirmed in an interview with games website. Inaddition, the developer of the Dead Space series with a plane "flyinggame" continue, in which one can steer spaceships.