Kinect Disneyland Adventures is a gamefor Kinect that aims to bring to life our children the magic ofDisneyland parks, allowing them to visit a virtual representation ofa park, interact with the many Disney characters present andparticipate in various games inspired by the classic and best-knownattractions. After letting us create the character that representsthe player, a boy or a girl customizable both in appearance andclothing, the game puts us at the beginning of the park, the famousMain Street.

From here we can freely explore thewhole park, vast and structured in a manner identical to reality, soif you have already visited one of the real Disneyland there's sureto orient yourself: from Main Street to access the main square withits

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statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty'scastle in the background, with the possibility then to proceed in alldirections on the areas most famous as Frontierland, Adventureland,Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and so on. Each area in turn is built likethe real thing: You can see the various attractions or placescharacteristic, with much of the public who crowded the streets.

The player can freely explore the park by bringing the armslightly forward to walking and moving it left and right to shoot,but also has the ability to open the map, raising both arms as wellto quickly select the area in which to move, or attractions withwhich to play, features also available through voice control. Toavoid, however, that the children are "lost" withoutknowing what to do, the game also has a "story mode" inwhich the characters in the park - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy,Minnie, Woody and so on - assign tasks specific concern almost alwaysretrieve hidden objects to the park or within the same attractions:every time it receives a task, the player will see a trail of lightthat points the way to achieve the goal or the next person to talk toin an adventure that will take him as to explore the park andinteract with all characters, however, constantly accompanied by acard magic that makes him as guide