In an interview with theEnglish-speaking community PlayStation Access says Ken Levine, CEOand Creative Director of Irrational Games behind BioShock Infinite ,what makes his opinion, a BioShock game: "For there were alwaystwo things: Improvisation in combat. You have a gun in one hand, inthe other special forces (plasmids - ed) and the growing traits ofyour character.

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There are also a lot of elements toimprovise in the very detailed and rich game world full of fantasy,but reality is based on the "For BioShock Infinite was initiallynothing more than these elements firmly. Levine explains: "Wehad the feeling that - would come out a BioShock game here - if weconsider these two elements. Everything else was still wide open. Thefirst thing we said was: "What if we would take an entirely newhistorical era?" The beginning of the 20th Century, we foundvery attractive."

Levine goes on to say that the team"strongly of the novel The Devils of Chicago," by ErikLarson (The Devil in the White City) was inspired. It deals with thereal case of a serial killer, in the context of the World Expositionin Chicago in 1893 killed numerous women in his "Murder Castle".The optimism and faith in progress of the change from 19 years to inthe 20th Century was also a decisive factor in the design of the gameworld was Columbia, so Levine: "There was always the image ofcities in the air. The people thought they would live in flyingcities, for a period of 20 years had changed so much.