Tim discovered at a flea market areplica of an old ship. Apparently he is not the only interestedparty, since shortly after buying it to buy several ominous figures,the model for a much higher price. Knower of the original comics willfeel right at home, because the whole environment looks perfectlycoordinated and transported directly to the comic book feel to thescreen. The game is - unlike the comic - from 2D and 3D elements,which alternate with each other. The animations and transitions arefluid, potentially troublesome loading times are bridged by sequencesof the respective area, or level by the player is currently located.However, the graphic also has its downsides.

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Just like the movie itself makes thegame experience in stereoscopic 3D. The intensity of the effect canbe individually set via the options menu. The 3D mode gives the gamea certain vitality, but should rather be regarded as a nice extra.The individual layers stand out better from each other and althoughsome objects are themselves clearly in the foreground, but sometimesthese visual impressions through annoying double outlines("ghosting") zunichtegemacht. In addition, not everythingis displayed in 3D. Loading and cutscenes are only seen in 2D.

The single-player experience consistsmainly of 2D sections, in which the players move from level to levelin order to unravel the secret of the unicorn. The character hasthree hit points, which can be replenished through searchablemed-kits. As with most jump and run games, the levels are dividedinto different levels. So often specific interactions with objectssuch as torches or switches are required. Either the path to a newlevel, or to selectively eliminate opponents. "Switch off"is the wrong word, because the villains in the game are merelystunned.