Keep your pedes up and grab a nice cupof Earl Grey like it is once once more time to bring anotherbutcher’s at few of gaming’s most memorable boss fights. Lasttime about we returned the lumbering El Gigante from Resident Evil 4,which had lately came on a splash of HD make-up with PlayStationNetwork as well as Xbox Live.

In our recent entry, we cast ourminds rear to the late 90s, focusing with the classic adventuresequel Tomb Raider II. Surely, Lara’s action-packed sequel uppedthe ante in just about conceivable area, from the scale of theenvironments, puzzles and of course foes – specifically the bosses.And Croft’s catacomb-creeping romp signs off with rather thewhopper, pitting our heroine versus a slithery, fire-breathingDragon. Where is Bugs Bunny on a comical hose pipe when you requirehim.

Dissimilar other creatures Lara comes across, thislumbering lizard is really the former Italian mobster and cult leaderMarco Bartoli. Hell bent with applying the untold powers of themysterious Dagger of Xian, Bartoli devotes suicide by immersing theblade deep into his heart, thus transubstantiating him into themythical creature.

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Unluckily for Lara, she is the justindividual to hold the scaly beast company, and has to go about thetask of felling the creature. Certain plenty, she is loaded to theteeth on Uzis and grenade launchers, but in reality the Dragon is agiant ammo sponge; the just mode to kill it is to remove the bladefrom its heart. Simpler said as compared to done, you might say.

The Dragon itself is a big chapthat eats up space, thus acquiring a shot in should not be a trouble.Once you damage the beast plenty, it will atrike the dirt for hardly15 seconds, affording Lara a short window in which she can approachthe Dragon and delete the dagger. Needless to say, Uzis, the GrenadeLauncher and M16 are your best friends here.

Still, your scaly opponent would notcreate it simple for you, trying to create Croft kebabs out of ourvoluptuous heroine at each chance. His breath has a meaty scope, andif Lara acquires strike she will light up as a matchstick forcing herto cool off in the several pools of water dotted during the room.Going up close is not a good thought either, like it will cut you toribbons on its claws. Like such, you will require to ignore weaponsenjoy the Shotgun here and stick to your rapid-fire arsenal.

Themost efficient strategy is to hold your distance and plug away on anautomatic weapon, applying the pillars like cover and legging itwhenever the Dragon acquires so close for comfy. With the flip slope,if you are so far away when it falls, you may not have enough time toreach your fallen enemy and remove the dagger.

Like such, attempt and close the gapwhen you can, but do not go in so close. hold of scope of its fireattack but do not venture so far and you should be alright and dandy.The boss can be amazingly quick when it requires to while, thus watchout. When the beast does go down, run your arise off and give thedagger a good pull – the Dragon will dissolve into gooey mess,defeated.