When Squaresoft first declared from itsJapanese offices that the recent RPG in development, Xenogears, mightnot make it to US shores because of "sensitive religiousissues," many RPG lovers in North America were shaken. Butthroughout the following months, a reversal in the company's plansand a combined partnership on Electronic Arts has enabled the NorthAmerican free of Xenogears to eventually become a actually. And howfortunately we are because of it.

The game chronicles the adventures of ayoung reluctant warrior named Fei, who, later three years of residingin a small, remote farming village begins a long, tortuous quest touncover his mysterious past. On no memory of his life earlier beinglocated in the village leader's care three years earlier, Fei createsa violent and tragic break on his peaceful life and adjusts out on ajourney.

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Along the way, not just will his ownpast be discovered, but he will even unravel the mystery of theplanet's past and humanity's role in relation to it. The storyline isdeep, complex, and once in a though also confusing, till yet more ofthe actual underlying plot-line is uncovered. To reveal more of thestoryline would ruin it for potential players, and the progression ofFei's quest is a much more as a mystery for the player to follow andsolve with their own.

The game itself is built in thetraditional turn-based RPG style but with various innovative featuresthat make it stand miles apart from its predecessors. The combatsystem applies few of the similar aspects of a typical Square game byincorporating the Active Time Gauge system that dictates when acharacter in your party may attack the enemy, depending upon his orher (or its) speed and agility. Still, in extra to this battlefeature, Square even has implemented a distinct combo attack systemthat enables your character to string together a series of differentphysical attacks dependent upon how many AP points you haveaccumulated and can apply.

For instance, each of the symbolbuttons on the PlayStation controller correspond to a differentattack that inflicts a varying degree of damage. The more damage anattack causes, the higher amount of AP is applied. If you "powerup" your AP gauge by applying just light attacks, you can thenunleash a flurry of "super moves" that are graduallylearned over the course of the game to obliterate the enemy andinflict an extremely high amount of damage. This combo system is, byfar, one of the most advanced boasts to lately issue in the RPG genreand supplies a higher level of interaction in fight beyond applyingjust one attack button.