Tennis games appear to fall broadlyinto two categories: those that are focused with realism, and thosethat are focused on brassy arcade game play. The Virtua Tennis serieshas always been firmly of the arcade persuasion, but PS Vita releasetitle Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition searches to detect a middleway, appealing to sim-lovers and arcade gamers similar.

VirtuaTennis 4: World Tour Edition has been with home consoles since spring2011. With the Vita, the game is largely unaltered, save for few coolnovel characteristics that bring advantage of the Vita's uniqueabilities.

The graphics are largely identical from the PS3version's, on a large selection of courts and players from about theworld. The single-player World Tour offers a great way to get intothe game. Each season is played as a boardgame, spread out above oneof four continents and culminating in a tournament.

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Tickets,instead of dice, find how far you can travel to a novel location.Scattered along the path are several forms of encounter, havingcharity events, training exercises, shopping opportunities, andexhibition matches. The exhibition matches are specificallynoteworthy if you are playing online. Your friends, folks you havemet via Near, and other Virtua Tennis players look with thecircuit.

If you land with the right square you will acquire toplay against one of their avatars. Applying the Vita's camera you canas well plus your face to your own avatar. Like you advance via yourcareer you level-up your stats, earning both money and stars. Youapply the money to purchase novel clothes for your avatar, having fewfairly wacky gear that arrives in handy at fancy dress matches.

Yourstar rating places you in the league table and determines, amongother things, your sowing for tournaments. Basic movement isintuitive. It is even pretty simple to pick up the different lobs,slices, and top spin shots, whether you apply buttons or swipes ofthe touchscreen. Still, placing your shots applying the left stick,mastering the controls, and acquiring the ball perfectly where youneed it and at the right time brings rather a bit of practice.

Withthe World Tour, training is introduced in the form of mini-games.While instead dizzy for the serious player, these offer a fun way toacquire to fascinates on the game mechanics. The training games allwork instead considerable and gradually enhance in difficulty likeyou advance past each level. The novelty wears off eventually, while,and having to play mini-games throughout your career can become asmall baffling.