Evolution Studios - the developmentteam behind MotorStorm RC - is staffed by fools who do not have arudimentary understanding of economics. What they are doing isaffording you a load of well-planned tracks, tons of vehicles, acomplete playground to muck about in, and furiously competitiveonline leader board functionality, on strong presentation and goodcontrols. And they are charging less that five pounds for the muchmore.

Happily, no one's informed them until of this error injudgment, creating MotorStorm RC an extreme tempting proposition.Eschewing the ATVs, motorbikes, and trucks of Arctic Edge in favor ofradio controlled cars, the game introduces you on themed areas basedon the main series - Monument Valley, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge, andApocalypse. There are 16 tracks available, and while that number willenhance on the inbound DLC it is more as compared to sufficient. Eachis detected under the Festivals play alternative, where you willunlock up to three medals per race event later completing the racetype's particular needs.

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The most basic of these is theself-explanatory Race way where you and seven competitors squareoff. In Pursuit you must overtake a set number of opposites insidea period of time. Drift measures how long you can hold your RCskidding round the track. And Hot Laps is a fancy name for timetrials. It is these man vs milliseconds style events, united onthe game's online functionality, that are essential to MotorStormRC's success.

Constantly updated leader boards allow youexperience your standing among your friends, and thanks to snappyload times and laps that bring 15 seconds or less to blaze via thedesire to out-compete them is powerful. Abstract, the release is verymuch an ultra-modern R.C. Pro-Am orMicro Machines V3. The action isconsidered from above and the controls are simple: accelerate, brake,turn left, turn right, and reset the car to track.

What is newis the constant connection to others' progress, excellent visuals,clean plan, and a dirty electronics soundtrack. Otherwise this isclassic old skool racing. MotorStorm RC includes plenty of horse andcarrot uncrackable to coax you into improving, on about a hundredvariations of over 20 motors to snatch up. Each class of mini-racerperforms differently to the others, either pulling off the linequicker, over-steering a little more, or reaching a higher maximumspeed.

The only other remarkable omission is the lack ofdirect competitive multiplayer. The leader boards go a long way toaddressing this, but eight-player face offs would have boosted agreat multiplayer experience into the realms of great. But, lest weforget, everything this is less than a fiver. MotorStorm RC is superbvalue for money, and although it does not attempt to reinvent thewheel, nearly everything it includes is highly polished andmarvelously compelling when connected to your friend's scores viaPlayStation Network.