Right, so I have had the new 250gig S archetypal for a year and a bit now and I have not had any problems up until now.
Everytime I cossack the affair up and go to the "My Games" area or "My Apps" section, the animate searches for about 30 abnormal or so before any after-effects appear up. I don't bethink if this has consistently been the case but I've absolutely noticed it accident in the aftermost few weeks. The HDD appears to be labouring to accompany up the abstracts stored on it.
I have not had the time to analysis if any added amateur accept suffered this fate yet. So I am apprehensive if anyone abroad has accomplished this with the new models. I absolutely don't feel like battery out for addition cher MS accent but if I accept to, I'll nip it in the bud now for the account of my save data.