Two Worlds II PS3 mocionante offers a new adventure for both beginners and those wanting to experiment with wonderful landscapes, quirky characters and a world in constant change. In its opening scene will show the viewer all the information on the first part you remember what happened in future be used small events put us in the current situation of the protagonist, using interactive scenes designed with the very latest technology in Dynamic Motion Capture High Definition (HDD MoCap), executed in real time.

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Progress and follows the story of Two Worlds II PS3 which is based primarily on completing "quests (missions), which are grouped into different chains of events that contribute to much larger missions. The game is made of hundreds of these "quests" long and attractive to be diverse enough to suit the preferences of each player for those looking for fun, experiences worrying about the action, or for those looking for an exotic dark emotions adventure.

The microcosm of Two Worlds II PS3 is full of active NPCs (NPCs), each of which will not only have their own history, but also sent missions to the player depending on its location, history, environment, or more. Classes of missions ranging from the simplest to the most immense development with absorbent, usually offering twists and action without limits.