Ilomilo*is a puzzle game starring two cute little creatures that take their name from the title of the game, divided by their environment and which must at all costs to meet again to talk, play and do what you do with friends .*The player can not control both characters simultaneously, as they are placed in different areas of the level, but will have to continually swap them so that each reaches a suitable location to give way then another to reach it more easily.*To do better, in addition to analyzing the structure of the layer, composed of a series of cubes placed to create a sort of three-dimensional maze, we will help with special cubes that can be positioned for example in missing blocks in order to achieve 'other side of the map or stretch them vertically to move the other character that is to a higher plane.*

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During the 49 proposed levels, collected in four chapters, the setting changes each time you reach a new part of history, offering new features and new types of cubes each with a different function, such as to make us find upside to explore the other side of a cube and also walk around the level on the other side.*There is also a local multiplayer mode in which a friend of ours can play the part of Ilo or Milo, and a special leaderboard that we can compare our scores with the gaming community.There are also mini games to be reported unlockables when you have finished the main adventure or after certain actions, as well as "crossover characters" unlockable if you also bought the games Raskulls and A World of Keflings.*