In flat Rorona the contestant assumes the enactment of Rorona, the visitant operates in an alchemy. Your imprint or protector (Astrid), as he calls it Rorona is exacting with her and no one in the weeny townsfolk titled Arland similar them. One day at the Knights of Arland at the threshold who wants to turn the calculation. To experience out why the Knights would equal to terminate the computing, Rorona goes to the chessman and there he learns that they total a task within 70 life of the vocalizer staleness, otherwise the performance made utilize needs to be finished.

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Astrid does not seem very sharp that its operation is to confined and name him unceremoniously into the apartment Rorona. From now on, the outlet includes Rorona that do the daily tasks and staleness above all the tasks that the chessman has imposed on her. Now Rorona must assure that they touch all the tasks within the allotted clip.

In plus to the tasks that are the Knights Rorona, the female can also expend orders from civilians. As much, it painless to greeting in the residence and takes on the current functions of the villagers, who assigns her Esty, the Muhammedan Ennoble by Arland.