Dead or Alive 3 was used almost exclusively to enrich the line-up Microsoft, because in terms of gameplay had very few arguments against his predecessor. DOA Ultimate brought an element which seem acceptable in a fighting game, or online gaming, giving the title longevity than ever for the genre. The fourth chapter finally Team Ninja not only improves the technical side, but fails to renew a part of gameplay that was repeated from generation to generation. No getting around it, DOA4 is the best incarnation of the fighting girls bobbing shapes.

Do not forget that fact, luck, since the first chapter of the saga is due to the more than generous with the wrestlers just inhibited. Not that it's a novelty to see flesh in the wind in a video game, but the physical gel, and (admittedly) a bit 'unnatural breasts of female characters has become over time a critical feature in the title of Team Ninja.

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The tradition does not stop even with DOA4, sporting his classic character designcartoon, sanded and rounded in every polygon and sodas and anti-gravity curves. The title is often criticized as unrealistic graphics, but a clear style that is perhaps the dawn was dictated by the limited CPU capacity, but that over time has become a clear sign of recognition.

Technically, the characters are almost perfect in both quality graphics and movements, although we have been spoiled by the earlier versions for Xbox, which were already very good. What really changes are the arenas full of details and touches of class like monkeys grooming or elephants or dinosaurs that roam the pastures. The level of realism achieved with the backdrops, enhanced by elaborate textures, is so high that even the smallest flaws stand out immediately, giving an unpleasant feeling of incompleteness.