Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is set about three years before the story that will live in Dead Rising 2: this is a prequel that we see in our hero, Chuck Greene, who finds himself on the run in an isolated area desperate for Zombrex vials to prevent his daughter, bitten by a zombie, is overwhelmed by infection. Chuck 12 hours must be taken to treat his daughter and in the meantime try to escape to a safe place.

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The opening scene sees us still in a service station, where Chuck is full of gasoline to the car and by his daughter, but here that while the two are close to a supermarket in search of food, someone steals their car and lets you walk in this small country full of dangerous zombies. They barricade themselves inside a mechanical workshop in order to survive, but soon realizes that Chuck can not remain, the military will arrive by evening to clean up the city and if they found the child in those conditions for sure the quarantine. So it's up to us to explore the town and find a way to escape, while taking care of the little girl who periodically need care.

The gameplay offers us a preview of all the game mechanics that we will find in Dead Rising 2, which in turn draw on those of the first game with many new features like the ability to combine weapons by creating new and more deadly. The targeting system has been improved, but in principle the game finds the qualities of the first series title. It 'hard to go deep into the description of the gameplay, as the game time runs fast, and you must try and try again several times the story to go about things differently and get different endings. The good thing is that our character will gain experience points and levels up to a maximum of 5 that we could then use in DR2.