Sony is currently battling with the PlayStation Network servers for the service to come back online as quickly as possible to more securely. The firm has hired three independent companies specializing in computer security to investigate the flaw that allowed hackers to steal personal information from a hundred million members. And during that time, hackers announce their side have managed to reactivate the function otheros lost on PlayStation 3 from the 3.21 update in March 2010.

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An update after which the owners of a PS3 could no longer Fat install Linux on their console, and while the hackers were approaching a solution to be able to play pirated games on the machine. But by blocking the function yet presented in the sales pitch of its console, Sony had alienated some consumers and was irked that hackers had made up his mind to finally crack the PS3, which was done by fail Overflow team, assisted by GeoHot. Looking at this situation with a little hindsight, we can even say now that this is causing problems faced by Sony with the hacker community, whatever their intentions.