Event of this 2011 edition of E3, theWii is all about U mouths.In the aisles of the show, reporters sentthere fishing for burgers the scoops, sorry rush among publishers tofind partners finally really interesting opportunities.After theshock of a presentation would have been more successful, thusreassuring Nintendo with its new console and its controller veryspecial that no longer seem to disappoint anyone.The media frenzy istrying to inflate the buzz, U hope the Wii does not disappoint us inthe end.

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Take the opportunity to discuss thegraphics of the console, we know, will be compatible HD 1080p,bridging the Wii's on their competing claims of PS3 and X360.In thisrespect, first impressions of our fallen brothers being born bornwith the Zelda demo given by Nintendo's booth were unanimous: the Wiiis capable of displaying U scenes spectacular, highly detailed andtechnically very accomplished, either on an HDTV screen or on theboard by its "mablette".