Year 2552, humanity is exhausted by awar against an alliance of alien races that lasted for almost thirtyyears. The problem is that the enemy, known as the Covenant, has butone goal: the complete destruction of the human race so difficult tobeat the streets of diplomacy. The story of Halo: Combat EvolvedAnniversary starts on August 30 of that year, when the Covenantdestroying one colony after another, reaches the planet Reach, amilitary stronghold and focal point of human endurance. It 'amassacre and a few manage to escape from the battlefield.

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Among these is the ship Pillar ofAutumn, prepared for a mission can change the fate of the war buttrovatasi involved in the collision orbit of Reach. The escapethrough hyper-space coordinates enables the ship's captain random,Keyes, to save his crew and, most important, the AI board, Cortana,that if captured would give the enemy a huge bandwidth data, locationof including the Earth.

At the exit of the journey over-lightthe handful of survivors, however, is faced with an artificialconstruct ring-shaped, of colossal dimensions. What is most shockingis that the inner surface of the ring is provided with theatmosphere, vegetation, water and everything you need for thesustenance of life. In an attempt to escape once again by the enemy,who managed to follow the ship, Keyes practice crash-landed on thering and leaves the ship carrying Master Chief Cortana with him. Andhere begins Halo.

Of course many already know this storygiven the great success of the first Halo, both lovers of the serieswho had never tried the game on the original Xbox, have with Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary you can play it in a new graphic due towork done by 343 Industries, while expanding their knowledge aboutthe universe of Halo through the terminals and the Library (featurecan only be used by holders of Kinect) and play on Xbox Live is theco-op two-player competitive multiplayer that with the remake of theoriginal maps that can be used only in the first game in split screenor system link. It takes little to understand, however, that theeffort made by 343 Industries is something substantial, but mostlyyou will find yourself amazed by the fact that soon, although it is"only" a remake graphics, Halo: Combat Evolved is a titlethat can Anniversary to compete with many FPS released in the lasttwo years, although under the hood there is still the game 10 yearsago.