Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box Features:-

5 Games, One Orange Box: Half Life 2:- The Orange Box is the ultimate collection of innovative action games from Half Life 2 creators Valve. Available for the PC and next-gen consoles, The Orange Box is an amazing introduction to the Half Life series for console gamers.

Epic Half Life 2 Storyline: Half Life 2:- Episode Two takes gamers deeper into one of the best-known stories in gaming, following the desperate struggle of Half Life 2's Gordon Freeman against the mysterious Combine. In Half Life 2: Episode 2, gamers will leave the confines of City 17 for the first time.

Redefining Action:- Available only in The Orange Box, Portal delivers an innovative new action puzzle experience running on Half Life 2's Source engine. Arming players with a portal gun allowing them to create portals from one location to another with the press of a button, Portal will forever change the way that gamers interact with their environment.


World-Class Half Life 2 Multiplayer:- Team Fortress 2 is The Orange Box's exclusive multiplayer component, and the sequel to granddaddy of role-based multiplayer sooters. Featuring nine distinct roles – Heavy, Spy, Scout, Demoman, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Soldier and Pyro – Team Fortress 2 is one of this year’s most anticipated multiplayer games.