Celebrating its 15th anniversary of historic King of Fighters XII - one of the last great arcade 3-on-3 fighting games - is about to get even bigger. For the first time in its history, the ultimate fighting game has undergone a complete revision graph. All the sprites used in the past 14 years have been removed and replaced with new 2D high-definition, high-resolution sprites, detailed 2D backgrounds, drawn to 100% by hand.

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* New game play elements such as criticism of the attacks, the protection of air,
Counter attacks killed and Guard

* Ability to form clans, and create your own clan emblem compete
Online against other Clans

* Record and play their games ... and then upload to the Internet!

* Four game modes solid game

* More than 22 hand drawn characters

* Arcade-style lobby online

* Worldwide online ranking system

* Built-in art gallery with a lush HD