Adventures Superezhika going! Old enemies returned to once and for all to destroy the hero, and with it the entire world. The terrible creating Eggmana Nega, deadly traps and treacherous conspirators embarked on the path brave Sonika. But there is nothing to stop the forces of the fastest urchin, especially when it comes to the rescue of friends! Many Enemies, and Sonik one - the battle promises to be hot. But with your help, he must win!

Crazy Eggman Nega invented a new plan of destruction of Earth, and this time he is close to the goal! The world will be destroyed huge Ifritom as soon as he gallons of friends and Sonika obtained sufficient strength. We must not lose a minute! Go to a fantastic world Sonic Rivals 2, where you are waiting for an unforgettable adventure, exciting battle with a terrible monster and a new hero Silver Sonik, who came from the distant future!

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