There's no Arnie here, but in many ways the Conan game nonetheless manages to capture the blood and guts spirit of his pair of 1980s movies. And while game-Conan is hardly a world conqueror as far as the action adventure genre goes, it does offer a degree of fun in the short to medium term.

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It's fairly juvenile fun, though. The game's characters are quite happy to display their virtual flesh, and there's not a female character with endowments that don't arrive on screen half a second before she does. Throw in merciless violence, a generous splattering of blood and guts, the odd limb or two, and you have a fairly unambitious yet not irrelevant take on Robert E. Howard's Conan works.

In the game, you play inevitably as Conan the Cimmerian, with a plot involving some world-consuming power that you must defeat. And defeating said power falls into a well-trodden and mature gaming mechanic, whereby you traipse your way through levels, slashing away at the assortment of enemies you encounter, and then tackle the occasional boss.