Nier is full of ideas. It is first & foremost an RPG, but contains elements of hack and slash swordfests, top-down shoot-em-up, two-dimensional platforming and puzzle games. These elements will be merged well to make four or five hours when drops of Nier interesting plot developments, and can alleviate the serious threat to look boss. Unfortunately, 25 or 30 hours leading to the final rate is abysmally and terribly boring.

You do not know you donít are a great hero of the adventure as ugly as a boy for bad hair and a sick daughter, wanders through the same environment without a soul again and tackle anything for a long time, it thatís a shame, because Nier fantastic last few hours and a few other details of the pack some pretty emotional punch. But despite its bright and exciting fanfare tail or two, this action RPG is usually long and difficult symphony rest too much, and too few high notes.

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