Jetpacks and opossums probably not mix too well in the real world, but the combo is shifted a match made in heaven in Rocket Knight. Climax Studios has done an outstanding job with this sequel to Rocket Knight Adventures, a Sega Genesis platform game which has developed a cult status in animalsí goofy enthusiasm early 90s - the era when everyone was pulling Sonic the Hedgehog.

This game takes you back to the days of small addition to the new formula, except with updated graphics and sound taste. You play as Sparkster, armored knights, which will blow the whole place with the support of the jetpack, swings from the rails of its prehensile tail, and drags a sword to kill the game selection anthropomorphized farm animalsí enemies. The story resumes 15 years with the first game Sparkster retired after registration possum kingdom Zephyrus attack by evil pigs.

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