In the news these days is turning the glassgate , the scandal that damaged the iPhone 4 in the back simply by putting them in an enclosure.The phenomenon involves the rigid plastic housing, with the intrusion of dust, are friction and scratch the glass screen, breaking it altogether in some cases.

Whether confirmed or not, I hasten to remove the hard plastic case and I found a good and safe solution (which comes in right under the heading " Special Accessories iPhone 4 ") in Gelskin65 Celly, plastic case with a soft texture (many small pyramids) on the inside that touches the glass can avoid direct contact with the entire back.

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In addition to this security, the case offers a good degree of protection because it protrudes slightly in front so as to give a margin of protection for the screen up off the ground.

The one with which I fall head (fall unintentionally of course) was approximately five feet four and the iPhone has landed and was raised without a scratch, showing a good degree of mitigation of impacts.