LG Flatron E2350V we tested the monitor, 23-inch LED-backlit display and a desig convinced us that both the minimalist but soft, and for the fuzzy basis for the touchscreen controls.

Starting from this feature one can not but notice the beauty of the monitor that perhaps only out of place in the pedestal, too traditional. The touch controls are convenient and that led them to characterize it completely disappear when the monitor is turned off, so as to help conserve energy for stand-by. Whether that power is switched off, also a super-car sequence adds a touch of elegance.

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The rear panel is shiny plastic mirror that is only interrupted to accommodate the connections, three different: DVI-D, HDMI and VGA, as well as the headphone jack. The three inputs, along with simple but elegant black design, this screen allow you to use anywhere, whether in the studio as a secondary monitor for a notebook, both in the living room as a HTPC monitor, both in the room to hook up your Xbox 360 or PS3.

Also from the standpoint of versatility is very useful presets can be activated with the touch-sensitive buttons that configure the parameters for normal use, with movies, video games and surfing the internet. Particularly convenient and can split the screen so as to show us the first (without the active preset) and after.

Before proceeding we summarize the technical characteristics of this model. The LG E2350V assemble a panel of 1,920 x 1080 pixels with LED backlit 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast. The brightness is 250 cd/m2 and the response time is 5 ms, not at the level of monitor dedicated to gaming, but more than good if you look for a monitor suitable for different situations of use.