Philips SHB7110 Tapster, bluetooth headphones round pavilion that can accommodate the touch controls. Designed for listening to music but also suitable as a headset for telephone conversations, the Tapster is characterized by some useful technologies that are borne out then use every day.

Starting from the design to make their Tapster picture: beautiful, compact and hi-tech. The only weak point is the thread that connects the pavilion to another, waiting for the version completely wireless!
Equipped with a rigid box for transport, the Tapster is recharged via microUSB port, the same one that has become standard in the mobile world with the advantage of using a single charger and not have to clutter up your suitcase with unnecessary weight.

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The design mentioned earlier is not just a quirk aesthetic in the halls, in fact, are based touch commands. Not just a touch, but a technology accompanied by an algorithm that recognizes how hard you hit, allowing us to have different commands in one compact space. Detail and intelligent function that is activated automatically as we remove the headset (because dead or why we bother at that time) thanks to a sensor call is switched over to the phone, so you will not "tweak" and not to wait for the party.

Going to talk about musical performance, the Philips chip FullSound SHB7110 are enhanced by enabling us to listen to MP3 from your mobile phone with a good bass performance and a greater range of detail of the sound stage that had been lost in the compression of MP3 music file. Also good performance thanks to EverClear call that when we move in noisy environments, recognizes the situation and remove background noise the audio preference.