The Zeppelin Mini may look small but don't let its petite size fool you. With an inbuilt amplifier rated at lSW per channel, it can easily fill a medium-sized bedroom or kitchen.
We connected to an iPod classic to the Zeppelin Mini and got started listening to it right away. While searching through dozens of high bitrate MP3 albums, I stumbled upon a few favourites such as 'Kings of Leon', 'Norah Jones' and the soundtrack of 'Brokeback Mountain' among many others, and they immediately got me through the listening test.

On the iPod, through the remote control, the volume was turned up to its halfway mark, and simultaneously smooth sounding guitars were heard from the speakers of the Zeppelin Mini. As it was placed on my table top near my monitor, the sound level was kept minimal but at an ear-pleasing level. The vocals were lively without sounding withheld in the box, especially when most docking speakers lack the ability to let the singer's voice come out naturally to the listener, considering the speakers and technology used in them is seriously compromised. The digital amplification within Zeppelin Mini added the necessary energy in the mid-band section to a great level, and in fact the unit never jarred or vibrated avoiding unnecessary additions and distortions to the sound.

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Moreover, the back firing port of the Zeppelin Mini aided the cabinet to not only breathe freely but also to deliver a deep bass extension that is very hard to believe and accept from a device of this size. The port and a well-built acoustic controlled design proved that the designers at Bowers and Wilkins fine tune their products with immense dedication.
The highs came out fairly with pristine quality and the details.