Portability, as far as a docking station goes,is at an exceptional high with pretty much anybody even remotely related to the portable media player industry releasing a dock for their's and other's products. From JBL to Logitech, everyone's got something to say about what a docking station should sound like, so there's no reason why Creative shouldn't get a word in edge-wise. With their moo Bluetooth portable speaker, they've probably said enough.

There's definitely a young spirit about the moo, thanks to the urban colours its flat front grille comes in. The speaker looks like a centre channel speaker that has just the basic buttons on its front grilled panel to get the party going. Its shape is curvy and thanks to
its minimal weight, can be carried around very easily. The look is simple to say the least, but by no means boring, and that's pretty much what every man and woman out there want to connect their laptops and media players to. The concept of using Bluetooth communication as a means for transmaitting.

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Transmitting music is not new, however it hasn't been explored as much as we'd have liked. Here, the moo uses a Single button wit the Bluetooth logo marked across it on the front panel, to turn the speaker into 'Discover' mode. yO! obviously need to have a Bluetoot equipped media player or laptop the DlOO's 10 metre range that ca discover the speaker. 1 you don't have a Bluetooth enabled device, Creative does have a separately sold Bluetooth adaptor that can 1 plugged into a laptop's USB port or even into the iPod ports of all I Apple's media players. Now that unique because a lot of iPod mod.