Razer as a brand is app~eciated by thi ganungcornmuru Its distinctive qu reflects in its logo comprising of three snakes in fluorescent green and black, a black-coloured finished produ From gaming mice, to headph and gaming keyboards among others, Razer caters to the CtU needs of garners. We were qui impressed with the finish and sound of the latest Ferox spea till we saw the price tag.

Like most Razer products, the Ferox multimedia speakers w over packaged such that we ju wanted to retain the packa . after the inaugural interface II the speakers. There is a cloth case with a zipper, which is a useful accessory that comes II' the speakers. In this carry cas speakers look like a pair of binoculars! The rubberised body with plastic rings at the top and has a good finish and makes speakers look rich and elegan A gentle tap on the head of t speakers makes the top pop' slowly and the blue LED ligh' at the bottom shines instancl indicating that the speakers ready to play.

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There is a nice with nylon sleeve with two USB jacks labelled left and . one end, and at the other en the 3.5mm stereo earphonej a USB jack. You need to takf of the cord as this is not a s cable, which you can buy o~ shelf if they get damaged. The speakers have a re-ch battery each, and these are charged when you open th the pack. With full-charge.