The portability and long battery life of your iPod and how it has made every music lovers' life so convenient. Well Logitech has given their best to do the same with S71Si. They have crafted a portable speaker that provides up to eight hours of music playback anywhere, all this in a well-priced package. 50 Avvmax April 2011.

While getting the S71Si out of its neatly designed box I realised that I was so wrong to think that anything that is big and portable with a long battery life is bound to be heavy. Instead it was a surprise to see that these speakers were lightweight. The S71Si sports a cool look with accents around the six drivers that are sure to catch your attention, even though it has a mesh grille over it. It has a glossy plastic finish around its curved edges, and three buttons (power, volume +/-) in the front.

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A blinking LED indi<!ator is provided, which shows different colours to depict battery levels (green light indicates that the charger is connected, and continues till the charging is 40% complete, the orange light comes on to show below 40% battery life and red colour means that your battery zebronics is to multimedia audio, DVD/DivX players: they are both solely catering to the base of the entry level market. They try their hardest to pack features such as aesthetics, performance and technology into one little package and send it out there at remarkably competitive prices. Needless to say, a lot get sold, while the others are simply modified into different versions but still kept at a low price.

Here, we have Zebronics ZEB-S600 stereo speaker package that hooks up to your PC, and is just a little rounder than the thickest part of your laptop.You've seen plenry of these ro table-top, slightly curved at the front type of aesthetics with multimedia speakers. This desi works for pretty much anyone who just wants to get some son amplified sound out of their Pc. the others, the design might wo but Zebronics has gone ahead.