Garmin announced in March the market a new range of GPS, the nuvi 2340, available in three versions. We tested the high end, the 2340LMT, which we believe is the most interesting model.

If the Nuvi 2340LMT suffers a cruel banality in design it also wonders how this is possible when one has a list of the best GPS at the moment, namely nuvi 3790T it was for him to be moreover, good design and very light weight: 162 grams. It is about thirty grams only more than a iPhone 4 or a Nexus Sand finally less than 2 grams of Desire HD. Thus, although it has a good screen size ( 10.9 cm diagonal), it is regarded as a device that is discreet enough (12.2 x 7.5 x 1.6 cm) in a bag or in a (big) jacket pocket.

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This is not for this time we can report the new in terms of ergonomics software from Garmin.The Nüvi 2340LMT is similar to others with his two big icons at startup to access the address entry or display the map. And if you're tired - for several generations of devices even - let's face it: it works! We still blame the small letters on the keyboard, including the numbers, poorly designed.