With its base shaped roller and a comma very design, the Jabra Stone is immediately identifiable. It comes in a version 2 with performance and features have been enhanced and enriched.

No need to raise his hand to his ear to get the Stone 2 allows you to do it with a simple voice command. Of course, to choose to take the call or not, you'd better know who is trying to reach you. To overcome this problem, the headset tells you the calling number or the name of the caller.

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In the same vein, there is no need to take a look at the camera to keep abreast of the remaining battery level. The user can set alert thresholds to be kept informed of the charge still available. More good news, battery charging takes only 20 minutes and would provide, according to the manufacturer, ten hours of battery life!

Finally, to better hear and be heard, a dual microphone system strives to eliminate noise and preserve the natural timbre of the voice. For comfort, tip adapted to the different morphologies are integrated into the equipment.