Moving quickly on the softwareinterface: icons and menus are clear, we take its brands veryquickly. Before setting off, activate the Bluetooth to connect ourphone to use the handsfree function. A passage through the interfaceto activate the Services button alerts mobile radar.It can alwaysserve. But on the whole test period, we will not able to judge thequality of real-time alerts and for good reason: we do not cross.The fixed speed cameras, in turn, are actually reported.

Placein the seizure of the destination address. At this level, threeoptions are possible. Pound on the keyboard, well designed, voice ordictate the address by following a few steps. A second option,convenient and remarkably effective, as the address is not toocomplicated (name of city or street compound). With its integratedInternet connection, the third option is to use the database ofaddresses found in Google's local search to find a point of interest.

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On the road, the voice guidance Text-to-Speech is clear, anddisplay the route to follow distinct. The lower part of the screen isoccupied by a variety of information such as speed limit and one towhich you drive, the ability to switch from 3D to 2D mode, thedistance to go before the next maneuver or a shortcut to access theroute summary.