When I think of a laptop safe, I can not stop thinking about something flimsy that can be broken easily. Like the cheaper it is ridiculous to believe that children with toys. I'm not totally wrong in this safe, especially when you can clearly see in some of the photos that the walls of the box are thin plastic. However, this is a sure way to deter thieves, although it could easily be crushed open.

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Insurance can hold all kinds of little things like your wallet, phone, car keys and anything else small. After re-open again you need a code. Just do not move without perforation in the correct code in the first place. When the safe move sets off an alarm, the thieves of maintenance, having to break them or something to break open. The alarm is 90dB and fortunately the keyboard is strong and resilient. Therefore, despite the fact that this insurance is only 36.95 ($ 55) is not exactly cheap indeed.