Keyboards can be very dirty if the device you happen to place it under a microscope - imagine control crumbs out since last year the pizza in the office, now home to thriving colonies of bacteria and other microorganisms. Why the conventional keyboard layout is not too conducive to the hospital environment where everything has to be as sterile as possible.

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Medigenics enter on your keyboard to take a different route when it comes to design, the system of keys made for his replacement by a flat design rather than the keyboard (with a false key 3D graphics for those who still have to get used to him). Apparently, touch typists may collect this quickly with its low learning curve, and the whole idea behind this design is to be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant at any time.

Heck even comes with a warning light that flashes at intervals remember the keyboard is ready for another rag. Management Committees of the hospitals can lift the keyboard Medigenic for about $ 140 each.