Summer Time is an issue for me. Do not have to bear with him until just a couple of years ago, because my condition was still holds. I liked it that way; I did not have to deal with any change of this watch absurd. Unfortunately, my main PC fans out every time that happens the time change; otherwise I simply update the technology itself. So at least there is, unfortunately, not really normal watches update themselves. You have to manually change the time, which is just a nuisance. Well this is a watch that much easier.
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To change the time on the clock once and is fixed. This was designed by Denis Guidone and at some point will occur by NAVA. From now on, however, is not being sold anywhere, and no information on how much it will cost so much. State which makes the watch is made of wood and then, of course, comes in white and the black. The dimensions are 18 cm x 6 cm. Now if only all other clocks that do not automatically changes were as easy to restart.