Just something about the concepts that make a mockery of our minds - after all, we are freed from the shackles of convention as we are able to focus on functionality and the form without thinking if it is physically possible or not. One area in which the concepts will send your pulse racing is the world of cars, especially those who quickly get the adrenaline pumping.
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Here is the 2025 Sunbeam Tiger sends the old notion that the new world, one hundred years later to be exact. 1925 Sunbeam Tiger was a masterpiece in its own right, with a V12 supercharged four liters of racing car that was driven by the legendary Sir Henry Segrave at 145 mph (233 km / h) almost a century ago, so it is the smallest-engined car ever to hold the world land speed record in the process. Fast forward through the space-time continuum and we have the Sunbeam Tiger electric sports car concept that was designed in memory of the 100th anniversary (1925-2025) for Tiger to win the land speed record. You will find cutting-edge technology in the 2025 edition, which will be powered by a Siemens 3 phase AC motor to power the rear wheels with a 26 kWh lithium-titanate battery, deposition on the scales only 600kg (1323 lbs ) - extremely light to help you sprint away from trendy speed.