Yamaha is a name noted in the case of musical instruments and their latest efforts in the new "AvantGrand" line, a piano that combines the mechanism of a grand piano with other technologies of electronics. The AvantGrand N3 resembles a grand piano from the outside and was released to the world for the next 15 months, while the N2 come to Japan this July 15, at a depth of 51.3cm. Specialized departments within that Yamaha acoustic pianos and electronic jointly launched the project with the ultimate goal of commercialization of these products, as hell seems to have achieved their goals and beyond.
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Yamaha aims to simulate the touch of a grand piano to make the experience as close as possible, and have done so by developing a special keyboard operation mechanism. Each key is equipped with a pair of sensors that will be able to detect a key stroke contactlessly and their respective forces in the production of sound. One of these sensors will be connected to a key, while the other is placed in a component that will take over the gavel at the site of a grand piano.