Jog takes a further step in the world of immersive games in the Wii controllers by its capture until waist-mounted steps. Each time you run a step, the sensors pick it up and your character on screen moves in the direction you've indicated Nunchuk control. It's that simple - just plug and play. Within seconds he was beat, pelting along and have an all out sprint to avoid black magic zombies, scoring against Manchester United or eliminate the Green Goblin stone cold.
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The Jog work with hundreds of games available, and benefit more from exercise as well as obtaining a game immersive experience in the comfort of the room without having to share with other people in the sweaty gym. Perfect for the family to a healthy and fun gaming session-cum-session. You can pick the Jog game for just 24.95 and start to play a healthier! Just lay off the pizza and refreshments during breaks, alight?