Not just like that when your life revolves around gadgets and gizmos, one of the most irritating things would have to die on the device during the most inopportune time? Well, why not do your part and upload your cell phone and portable media player to open before the game so you can have maximum enjoyment of these devices, before returning home, but what happens when the situation is less than ideal? There is always the POWER plus Eagle Solar Charger and Torch.
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POWER plus Eagle is a powerful LED flashlight solar charger and cold rolled into one package. Pack in your pocket to enjoy the freedom of mobile light and energy wherever you go! This solar charger has three solar wings for maximum performance - only at times in each wing light of day until the internal battery is fully charged organic. Once charged, the solar charger Eagle has enough juice to recharge a gadget like mobile phone and you'll find cables and adapters to cover most of the gadgets and telephone. There's even a built-in LED torch with a three powerful LED light to shine in any emergency situation, select 1 LED or 3 LEDs flashing 3LEDs.