In many ways, it seems as if the LED lighting has become a bit of an addiction for designers. Perhaps it is still a relatively new concept that is fun to throw in each of the items they create. Well here is another mirror that comes with built-in lighting. Has a bit of customization for the user. You can choose between models and colors, giving all the different lighting effects. You can even leave messages on the mirror extravagant.
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The mirror is not yet, so there is no word on pricing, you can expect to be expensive, though. Is expected to come out this year and could contact the creator, Seura, for more information. Lumination The mirror comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right size to fit your bathroom. Then choose the lighting effect you want. There are several options now (a total of 12), but if these are not enough you can always go for custom work. Then you also get options framework, if you want to mirror.