I really donít like lamps and for one easy reason. They have to keep with six different D batteries to stay motorized. Who truthfully keeps D batteries around? I donít feel I even own any widget anymore that requires that scrupulous type of batteries. Well if you actually donít want to have to store mound batteries, this small lamp uses other forms of power to make sure that your activities stay well lit.
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It not only has solar power to charge it while the sun is up, but you can also use the hand oddball. You can also have it shine 6 LED lights at once or go for the more soft option of 3 at once. The lamp is 18.5cm x 8.3cm, so itís not the major lamp out there. It also has a mobile phone charger for crisis situations. Even if itís not the greatest lamp for camping, itíd be good to keep around in your car or cellar as a part of an emergency kit.