The situation is different with the mini projector MBP200 of which was shown last year in this country and also sold well. He was still as large as an entire mobile phone. Now Germany is finally ready for a mobile phone with projector technology, the hope of Samsung.

The technical equipment is great not only because of the built-in mini projector. The i8520 comes with a beam Super-modern AMOLED display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. Since, only theSamsung Wave compete - however, the display of the Bada phones only 3.2 inches tall, whereas the "beamer" 3.7 "impressed with.

The viewing angle of the new screens are incredibly large, as is with no other display. The color reproduction is brilliant and sometimes gives almost unnaturally intense. The most obvious is the difference if you have a phone with a conventional LCD display next to it sets, it looks like pale and colorless. A panel of super AMOLED times should be easier to read in sunlight for about five, than previous AMOLED screens. This statement from Samsung is believed right away if you turn on the beam.

Apart from the spectacular display, the Samsung Beam scores but also with other equipment. 16 gigabytes of internal memory are available to the user, they can be extended once by 32 per gigabyte microSDHC card. A processor with 800 MHz provides as in the Samsung Jet for lightning quick response of the cell phones that Touchwiz 3.0 user interface prettified Android 2.0 menus go smoothly by liquid across the screen.

The demonstration at the booth had even built a retractable antenna that can receive digital television (DMB). In the European version of this equipment will likely be absent. would be a pity, because with a DVB-T receiver for the i8520 complete all-rounder in the European market.

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