The*Samsung Q1*is a very compact device, despite encompasses cutting-edge features.*Its dimensions are 227.5 mm in width, 139.5 mm in height and 24.5 mm thick, while the weight is 780 grams.*It has a very large display, with 7-inch diagonal WVGA touchscreen type, with a resolution of 800x480 pixels.*On the outer shell there are several keys will access the functions but, being touchscreen, you can tap with your finger or pen display to use the device.

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The*Samsung Q1*Ultra is a unique instrument of its kind since it encompasses the functions of a laptop, a PDA, a media player, and is the ideal product for professionals and amateurs who need to work and get connected anywhere.*It features cutting-edge performance, although it is lightweight, compact and less space.*As for its specifications, is based on an Intel Celeron ULV 353 900 MHz and Intel 915GMS chipset, then have a RAM DDR II 400 Mhz 1 GB, expandable with external memory cards and hard drives 60 GB PATA 4200 rpm.*Completanp under the Intel 915 graphics chipset and GMA 900 DVMT video memory 128 MB Max.*

Very large park is also the connections, so as to allow the user to connect to the Internet from anywhere, home, office and travel.*It features a 10/100 Ethernet NIC and WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g for wireless connection, which ensures maximum security and flexibility.*The wireless technology Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR protocol, however, connecting your handheld with all digital devices with the same technology, and it is up to three times faster than previous models, providing a data transfer rate of 3 mbps .*

When the features, the*Samsung Q1*proves to be a complete device, thanks primarily to the operating system Windows XP Tablet Edition, which lets you use the programs normally used in office and at home, such as text editors, presentation software, spreadsheets, database .*Thanks to the network card and Wi-fi is also possible to quickly and easily share their work with colleagues.*But the Q1 is also useful for students, allowing them to record lectures, write notes, read and process equipment, remotely enroll for exams, check your e-mail through the Internet, do research.*All types of users can also do many online activities such as consulting medical records, consult and write insurance and anything else yet.*