A complete mobile phone in terms of entertainment resources, and by the way also has support for 3G communication technologies. So you can define the new GT S5600 of Samsung , a cell phone called familiarly Halley. It features a 2.8-inch touchscreen display fully integrated digital camera and a 3-megapixel resolution, can also be used to record video.

Battery capacity Built-in Samsung S5600 GT is 800 mAh. This battery, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of a conventional type, offers a range during the conversation that reaches a maximum of 3 hours. In standby mode instead of the built-in battery lasts for 300 hours. The Halley phone from Samsung, which comes with the official soundtrack of S5600 GT, as a constituent element has a display measuring 2.8 inches in diagonal.

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Based on a design standard is very traditional to the new Samsung S5600 GT appears to be particularly original, however, since almost all the available area of the frontal zone is taken from the large active matrix displays. This is possible thanks to the possibility of tactile feedback (touch screen) of the display, thus avoiding the presence of the alphanumeric keyboard placed in the same front.

Samsung S5600 GT Halley is a resource-rich mobile entertainment and leisure. Allows use with hands-free mode for hands-free calls. The internal memory amounts to only 50 MB, but can be increased through the use of external add-in card format microSD. In phonebook can store up to 2000 numbers. As for SMS and MMS messages are supported multimedia T9 text input system is quick, and the ability to manage e-mail.

3-megapixel resolution image sensor of the integrated camera in Samsung S5600 GT. This device, of medium to high technical level, it also offers a digital zoom which allows a maximum of 4 magnification of the image. The flash is built-in technologies related to the use of the camera itself is very advanced.