Small is Better
With the dimensions of 96.3x56.8xl3 mm and weighing 80 grams, the Samsung C3303 Champ this is one of the smallest touchscreen phones we have ever seen. Only exception would be the Sony Ericsson XPERIA XIO Mini. 111e front panel of the phone is domi¬nated by a 2.4 inch resistive Tr~r touchscreen. Below it there lie the three hardware keys for calling, back and call end cum powcr on off. The spines of the handset are curved with volume rocker on the right spine and lock shortcut key on the left. -!l:lp of the spine hosts a micro USB slot hidden under a cover and n 3.5 mm audio jnck. 111e battery cover is totally bare with a VCA camera on the top right side of the panel. 111C phone is comfortable to hold, mostly due to its petite size, but it does sometimes feci slippery because of the plastic finish. A rubbery or matted finish of the back panel would have made things seem more desirable.

• Stylish design

• Economical touchscreen phone/ inbuilt FM antenna

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Other than the three hardware kcys, there are three touch keys on the homescreen to access the keypad, the contacts and the menu. The homescreen also has four panels, which can be accessed by sliding the finger or stylus to either side. The device nlso comes with a stvlus, fllr those who are not so comfortable using fingers to access the touchscreen, which, by the way, is quite responsive. The Samsung's Touch Wiz lite 01 is certainly effective in that regard.

Multimedia Champion
For the starters, one needs to understand that the Champ is no Galaxy S. But still, it has enough attractions of its own to keep you engaged. 111e handset is equipped with a VGA camera offering a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels. We found the picture quality to be in line with VGA standards in daylight shoots. The lack of flash doesn't make the handset ideal for night-time photo shoots. On the music front, the handset has an audio player with preset equaliser settings and FM radio with inbuilt antenna, so you don't need to plug in your headphones to listen to the air¬waves. 111e FM reception is good even when you are inside and you can easily record your favourite shows. 111e recordings are saved in MP3 format by default. We found the audio quality of Champ to be good on both the headphones, as well as the speakers. The handset is equipped with GPRS and Bluetooth. Browsing Internet is an OK experience on Champ's default Netfront v3.5 browser. You can also install more apps on the handset by going to Samsung apps shortcut in the menu. The internal memory is capped at 25MB, which is upgradeable to 8GB through a microSD card. The battery rated at 1000 mAh provides enough juice to keep the handset going for about a day and a half of average usage.