In the family of Android phones cheap, I ask the Spica!*clearly a telephone entry level, with its 3.2 inch display with low resolution, small memory card and its poor performance multimedia.Consider: while some phones filmed in HD, it does a very poor resolution of 352 x 288 video.And photo, no wonder no more: it displays 3-megapixel shots are difficult to achieve as there is lag between pressing the button and actually taking the picture.*Not great multimedia side, the benefits Spica however its recent update in Android 2.1.*To you (especially) the management of Exchange and multiple mailboxes!

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By cons, it is strange that the Spica does not support animated wallpapers, one of the few cosmetic changes to the latest version of Android.This is probably due to the rather weak performance of its processor, which we soon realized the limits when riding a complex web page, for example.