Alot of water has flown under the bridge and Goliath is now back to claim what it considers being rightfully his. In the true Google spirit, the Internet behemoth has made
yet another attempt to garner a piece of the smartphone market by launching Samsung Google Nexus 2 aka Google Nexus S. The previous foray of Googlc into the market was rejected by the con*sumers who overlooked the Nexus One, running on the earlier version of Android operating system.

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The lexus S boasts of an array of dazzling features in its armoury. The device runs on I GHz Hummingbird CPO. Apart from that, the smartphone also debuts the latest version of Android operating system, the Gingerbread, which Google claims to be the fastest among all the versions and least taxing on bat*tery resources.

For the connectivity ends, the device has is Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled, which lets you turn your smart*phone into a virtual wallet and you can complete transactions by just swiping your phone over the receiver. And last but not least, the device packs a 16GB of internal flash memory but you cannot expand it further as the handset lacks a T-Flash slot. The device is expected to be released officially by end of December 2010