As far as the looks go. the Samsung Calaxy Tab is in tandem with the overall design ideas of Samsung. It's smooth. sleek and styl*ish. llle black and white contrast on the back and front enh:mce its appeal. The 7.O-inch screen on the front panel has a better pixel density than the iPad, and this docs have the effect of making the visual experience livelier. The design is minimalist with four touch keys at the bottom of the screen for *options. home. back and key.

The right panel is bare. while the left one has the power cum screen lock key. volume rocker. microSD card slot along with a SIM card slot. The white back panel holds the camera and LEI) flash. Samsung has added a proprietary USB cum charging port. llle build quality of the phone is exquisite and the size too is perfect even for holding it in one hane!' while reading a book or using your thumb to type in the text. The scratch resistant screen is divine. There is very little difference between Samsung's Calaxy Android phone or the Tab cxcept for the bigger screcn.

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which is not yet optimised for tablets. Once the Android 3.0 hits the marker. we can expect significant optimisation in tablets. There are nine home*screen panels that can be customized: simply by pinching on the homescreen. you can see all the screen panels on one screen. You can change their position or add or remove them. -lne menu is spread over three screen panels. The touch response of the device is impressive and the accelerometer lets you rotate the screen. The Email opens as a list on portrait mode. but in the landscape mode it takes a two-window approach where the messages are listed on one side, while the selected message can be read on the rest of the screen.

Almost similar is the case wi th the messages, as well as the contacts. The input method has a vir- tual QVv'ERTY keypad that offers comfortable experi*ence. both in landscape and portrait mode. The Swype input option is also avail*able. The Android browser renders well on the screen, sup*ports flash and you can use multi touch for easier navigation. You can open multiple windows and easily toggle between them. You can use the phone as a digital frame and set photos for slide show and add music in the background.