So, the much previewed Google Nexus S has finally been officially announced by Google,
confirming the specifications, and providing a launch date of December 16th. The phone will be the first device to be released with the Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, and platform's SDK has been released as well (for a detailed list of new features, check out our other coverage).

In case you missed the buzz about the device, the Google Nexus S features a slightly unconventional curved 'Con*tour' touchscreen, and is an evo*lution of the Samsung Galaxy S that is supposed to aid ease of use in a touch-based interface.

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The phone will also be one of the first commercial devices to support Near Field Com*munication (NFC), allowing the device to interact with its electronic environment in ways that Google likens to "magic". Some of the expected applica*tions will be various augmented reality functions, as well as personal identification, mobile "electronic wallet" payment systems, etc.

As you'd expect, the Google Nexu$ S will not be hitting Indian shores just yet, but it is reasonable that a similar var*iant of the Samsung Galaxy S i9020 will arrive India. The current unlocked price state side can give you a very rough idea Google Nexus One owners will also be glad to know that an Android 2.3 Gingerbread will be heading their way soon, within the next few weeks. look at them to give us a fair idea of what we might soon have in store for us. Both phones are nearly iden*tical, with the 005SH fea*turing a QWERTY sliding keyboard in addition. Both phones have a 3.8-inch auto*stereoscopic display similar to that on the upcoming Nin*tendo 3DS portable game console, with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. They will be powered by a IGHz Snapdragon processor, and run Android Froyo .While both phones are capable of recording 720p HD video, the 003SH has a 9.6MP camera onboard, while the 005SH has an 8MP camera.